Sunday, January 13, 2013

Staniel Cay to Black Point

After we left Warderick Wells we wanted to see Staniel Cay along with making our way south.  The Staniel Cay Yacht Club is cool and we had some great lunches at "Taste and Sea".  Love the fish and burgers there.

Yes, can you see the shark?

little bungalows at the Yacht Club

Yacht Club sidewalks

Cathy.....want a job in the Bahamas?
Now......are you ready for the swimming pigs????

While we stayed at the anchorage at Big Major Spot (our location to visit Staniel Cay) we had a perfect view of the pigs and the goings on with all the others in the "Zoo".  There were also goats, roosters and one seagull!   What a laugh....when a boat even comes close to the beach, the pigs come a running.......all they need now is some rosemary and it would
 be time to chow down!

Onion is an option!

Note the ray picking up the scraps

Marty....Recognize any of these guys that you took to town???


Staniel Cay is renowned for the sailors and Tida Wave is one of the boats that have won many races over the years.  Lady Muriel is one of the others.

cool Bahamian Sloop

Tida the name!

Some other sights........depending on your interests....Bob, the kite boarding appears to be everywhere......we see boats just waiting for the big wind to come in.

And this is the Bahamian Bananaquit.....

Our last night in Big Major Spot saw us attending a Pirate Beach Happy Hour.  Just about the entire anchorage attended and it was a lot of fun.  Everyone brought a dish, your own cocktail and the campfire was perfect.  We met a lot of new friends and will look forward to another beach party down the road.

All ages in attendance

No lies were told at this party!

Don't lose the dinghy!

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