Friday, October 30, 2015

Fleece......Flannel........who needs those stinkin' things? We are warm again!

Its been a couple of weeks and we have tried to be very productive during that time.  Productive being defined as moving the heck out of the cold and into warm weather!  Are we swimming yet?  NO...but shorts are back on and we haven't had to use the heaters for a while.

To recap.......

After we left the upper portion of the ICW we high-tailed it to Renate & Reiner's home for a couple of days.  Nati got to show off her new decor and the four of us had a lot of laughs.  It's not often that you become friends with people that sold you a boat but we have now done that for almost 4 years!  Time is really flying by......

The old south

which way to we go?

you  think we have high water today?

the dock is almost gone!

No diving at low tide

Sunrise over the Atlantic

With that completed we motored down Adams Creek, said hi to Duff as we passed by his home and then shot out Beaufort Channel and into the Atlantic.  It sure felt good to be away from land, buoys, other boats and all the other things that the ICW gives to you.  The sailing wasn't too good but we still put 266nm under Nati's bottom and had two good nights with a full moon.  We came back inside at Charleston, SC and continued down on the inside.  The anchorages we have been to have been really nice and right now we are a mile or so north of Isle of Hope Marina where we will go tomorrow to meet up with friends, Mark & Monika for Halloween.  Oh boy.......Savannah for the witching should be lots of fun!

Super Moon in Factory Creek

Thursday, October 22, 2015

We are still cold so we aren't stopping to enjoy!

October 13, 2015 is the date we departed Annapolis to head south .  Because of the weather we decided to attend this year's Boat Show.  We picked up a couple of things we ordered but can't say we saw any boats that would make us move away from Nati.  Now if a million bucks wasn't an issue......well, that is just something we don't need to bother with.

Sunrise in Annapolis

We really wanted to have a favorable weather window to turn the bows south but it wasn't to be.  Between rain, cold weather and current, we took the current and dropped the mooring.  Even though we left in mid morning we still made Solomon's Island for the night.  From there we made another long day to Deltaville and then on to Norfolk.  Because of work being done on the RR bridge we decided to go all the way to the entrance of the Deep Creek Lock so we can make the 0830 lift in the morning.

Heading out of Solomon's Island

Sunset at Deep Creek Lock

Locking was done with no issue and we made it to one of our favorite anchorages at Goat Island.  Nice and quiet with a couple of other vessels.  From there we wend down to Alligator River Marina to plug in (I said it was cold!) and then we had a run down the Alligator/Pungo Canal and into Oriental for a couple of days.
Heading into the lock in the morning

Making our way down the Elizabeth River (trail through the duck weed)

Right now we are having some laughs with Reiner & Renate at their home.  We talk about Nati and their boat, going on trips to Cuba and all sorts of things.  From here we hope to high-tail it on the outside to Savannah.  We are keeping our fingers crossed to have a fine weekend for following seas all the way down the coast.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Back in the Chesapeake after almost 2 months!

Last Thursday we were launched Nati back into the water.  Of course hurricane Joaquin decided to make a name for himself and for a short while it looked like we were going to be right in the way.  Thanks to the low that is hanging just off the coast, the storm took an exit stage right and we are out of harms way for the time being.  We always say that we'll take out luck on the water.....

We had a very long project list while on the "hard".  It included:

  • Rebuilt engine injectors
  • cleaned heat exchangers
  • new seals in the lower sail drives
  • 4 coats of polish and wax
  • soda blasted the hulls taking all bottom paint off (Choptank Soda Blasting ..... great job!)
  • 4 coats of Interprotect epoxy barrier coat
  • 4 coats of bottom paint
  • interior completely cleaned and updated paint
  • floors cleaned of all glue
  • new digital TV antenna
  • new chart plotter
  • rebuilt 1 alternator
  • all interior Corian polished to a matte finish
  • head hoses cleaned and rebuilt
  • canvas cleaned, polished and waterproofed
  • new boot stripe
  • the list just went on and on and on!!!!!
You get the drift.........LOTS of work!

What mess?!?!

taping the whole cabin!

both new tanks are lighter than one old one

direct USB power plug

Once wet again meant we were out of the "sand pit" so it was time for Nati to get some new flooring. Anne worked with Diana & George from Carriage House Canvas and came up with some terrific ideas and you can see the results.  Nati has been catapulted into the 21st century!

main cabin .....before

With new flooring

a close up

hulls before......
with new carpeting

cockpit before......

with new flooring

much more comfortable

Flooring and driving cushion

Nati is set and ready to go!!!!!  Thanks to all the folks at Worton Creek Marina!

Heading for the water