Friday, October 28, 2016

Say what??? !!!! Hello November??

Neither of us can believe November 1st is around the corner and we are still in Annapolis.  It sure is funny how life treats us.  Our plan wasn't even to stay for the boat show and now we are pretty lonely (the onlyboat) moored in Spa Creek.  Go figure......
It's even more empty now.

On the plus side we have seen Amy and Evan a lot.  School is going good for him but I still think recess is his favorite pastime.

Is this "George of the jungle"?

Face painting rates up there too....

No....just Batman!

Since our auto-pilot died going down the Jersey coast we have been waiting for it to be sent to Amy's home.  Well it showed up 2 days ago and it's installed.  We figured we would haul out here while we were waiting for it and now Nati has new bottom paint, batteries and is spit & polished.  But wait.....why is there water seeping into Dingh-go?!?!  Oh that leak.......we now the dink is over to Annapolis Inflatable getting repaired.

Old battery install

4 new Fire Fly replacing 6 Lifeline batteries

Initial installation

While hanging out for parts we ended up staying long enough for Amy's B-day party.  The only pictures were of the GKs (grandkids) playing in Nati.  We had a sleep-over that night.... well some of us slept anyways.

So....soon we'll be off and running....we hope!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

We are back in Naptown!

Finally we made it out of Port Washington.  We were waiting to get a good weather window, catch the tide going through the East River and New York City and then down the Jersey coast.  It kind of worked OK and after approximately 24 hours we were anchored in Lewes, DE in the anchor of refuge area.

The arrival timing worked out good for us to enjoy a cold brew with Wally, Lynn & Janet.  They were heading to Rehoboth for a regatta so when they came off the ferry, it was time to relax for an hour.

In the East River....a real prison ship!  Only in America!!!

Heading west to the Brooklyn bridge

Sunset in Lewes, De

From there it ended up being a no wind motor boat ride up the Delaware Bay and we timed it perfectly so the current in the C&D canal took us all the way to Chesapeake City for a few days of rest.  We even got a good surprise with Amy & Company showing up for a night.  From there we made it down to Georgetown and the Sassafras River.  We enjoyed our time there and when the wind switch (even slightly) we ran the engines once again and pulled into Annapolis.

We have crosse the bridge by car many times on the C&D Canal

Some big ships go by very close

But we still have great sunsets!!

More big guys.......

It looks like we are going to haul-out  right here in Back Creek so that will be something new.    Hopefully all the storms will stay out to sea and we can start making miles in another week or so.

Ego Alley
Oh, by the way.......I think we have some really great athletes coming into the family...........what do you think??!!

Me "Jane"

Me "Tarzan"