Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sometimes you miss……..sometimes you get it!

Remember our last post where we got a little wind and missed the t-storm by just a little ways?  Well the next night the weather gods made sure we didn't get missed on that afternoon.  Osprey Marina, 25 miles away only got a little wind.  Nati on the other hand got nailed with a ton of wind whipped rain and we are now officially power washed (or were since we have been back in the ocean and got more salt water on us).  I'm still trying to figure out how down download videos again.  Just doesn't seem to work.  We saw 48kts of wind on our beam and the noise was pretty fearsome.  I started to wonder if we were seeing a tornado since the roar was as load as I can ever remember hearing wind!

Still, we had our storm and before the sun set we had some blue sky and all was well once again.

From Butler Island we motored up to Osprey Marina to get diesel and water along with seeing "sv Jasmine Ann".  Roy is tearing up the main cabin of her and redoing a 100% remodel.  We have now seen the "empty" bridge deck.  Can't wait to see the finished end.  For dinner we had to have our favorite "shot" and that consisted of two rounds of oyster shooters!  They are the best!!!  Oh yes, on the way to Osprey Marina we had to motor past our 1st "Drag Boat" race.  Yes, the whole boating community was out in force.  We didn't see Miss Budwieser though…..

Heading into confusion

Even camping

Boats everywhere

Bud Lite rules here!

There is going to be a lot of sunburn today!

Lots of noise ….not much speed

More "ford tough" men in boats

Along with another sailboat, sv Wandering Star"  we started back up the ICW towards Wrightsville Beach.  We stopped for the night at Calabash (actually near Bird Island) and the next morning we motored out to go up the coast to Cape Fear and ride the tide up the Cape Fear River.  We made excellent time and for once we got the weather and tides correct.

A new bridge going up near Osprey Marina

Wrightsville Beach is a nice hang out and we will spend a few days here.  We have yet to get off Nati since it's so hot and even thinking of going out into the sun makes us run right back under the bimini.  Maybe today….

Our evening sunset after a T-storm

Friday, June 19, 2015

Living on the hook

Everyone knows that living the normal way involves having the security of being in your home when it is not too nice out.  It gets cold and snowy…….stay in and maybe light the fireplace.  If its rainy…watch a game on TV.  Either way the "home" concept is for the most part comfortable and reassuring.  On Nati (our home) there are times when it get a little dicey and we just can't turn on the ball game and sit back.  With a moving, floating home, when it gets a little windy, stormy or inclimate you can't just go away.  The opposite is actually what takes place.

Here it comes

Note, we are right at the edge

Check out the shelf cloud

The above clouds came through Myrtle Beach last night and at our anchorage we got a birds eye view of the storm going right past us.  Granted we closed everything up and even had the instruments running along with the engines when the storm line came at us.  But……….just 25kts of wind for a few minutes and NO rain!  We were ready but this time we were spared.

So what else is there to do but watch a sunset,  cook our shrimp and enjoy a good bottle of Bordeaux courtesy of the Chief and Millie.  Thanks guys!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nati is on the move……..again!

After getting back to Melbourne and saying our goodbyes to Tom & Jean we had the bottom cleaned and headed north.  An easy run up to Cape Canaveral was uneventful and we had a nice quiet night right near the lock.

What was I thinking??

From there we decided to run up the coast and see what happened.  What developed was a 177nm trip up the coast to Cumberland Island.  We flew the spinnaker for 15 hours although is was light air.  Nati got there too late to see Kathy and Phil but they still managed to have a cocktail at the oldest pub in Florida, the Palace.  Still, it would have been good to see them again…….next fall!

Sunset looking towards the Florida coast

Can we say dolphins!!??  We saw many on the was north!

Since it was so hot we decided not to go to shore at Cumberland and just continue outside north.  The winds were not great but we still managed another leg of 165nm and turned left to go in at Charleston.  We probably should have continued but we do need fuel and Osprey Marina is by far the least expensive so on the inside we went.  The fishing wasn't too good but still as you can see I netted a lunker on the swim platform.  We also got two more flying fish on the front nets and the hand lines did produce a "remora" along with a "tuni".  Neither was going to be eaten so back to the water they went. Who ever heard of catching a remora?  Not us……

Nati's catch

The heat is unbelievable……it's a good argument for air conditioning!  Thank goodness we have a breeze today.

Read the heat index

Saturday, June 13, 2015

It has sure been a strange long trip for the last two months…….

Nati is once again at anchor (right where we like her) and we happen to be 100 yards from the Cape Canaveral lock.  We will go through the lock tomorrow and head north again but today was the first time we got to move her in 50 days!

To recap:

  • Anne departed Nati in the Abacos on April 7th and went right to Syracuse.  A month and a few days later we laid her Mother to rest.  It was difficult on the whole family and we look forward to moving on two another chapter in our life.  

Stan's equator crossing certificate

T&E hanging at "204"
  • After wrapping up a number of loose ends in Syracuse we took the long way south via Honeoye Falls and Annapolis.  We were able to see Teagan in her school environment  (haven't been to pre-school in a long, long time!) and also enjoyed to down time with Bob & Steph.  From there we headed to Annapolis and worked on Amy & Evan's home.  It's a good thing Evan is such a handyman.  He made small work of the front steps (sorry Matt,  credit comes and goes so easy!)

Waiting for the school bus in the rain!

  • From Annapolis we drove the "Kahuna" down I95 and stopped in Savannah for a couple of nights just for R&R.  Had a great time!
Savannah from the east shore

Having fun in "town"
Evan and Teagan would stay here all day!

  • From Savannah it is just a few hours to Melbourne and after a few days getting Nati ready and saying our goodbyes to Tom & Jean we dropped the dock lines and north-bound we go…..  It sure feels good to be back on board!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


We are finally back on Nati!  Hooray for us as the last couple of months have been trying to say the least.  Better times are coming our way!!!!

Right now we are getting Nati ship-shape for our travels back north.  We had a diver clean the bottom and props so now we can move her.  Now all we have to do is put some water on board (water-maker is pickled for now) and finish up provisioning.  Seeing we were not offshore very long we have a bunch of provisions to use up but the wine locker must be full!!

More updates forthcoming soon.  This is just a quick note to tell you all that: