Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stuck in Marathon still!!

Some of you may wonder what the heck we are still doing in Marathon.

Well.........  How about the long version:

While coming down the coast we kept a keen eye on everything since Nati is pretty new to us.  In particular, the starboard engine was using more oil than it should and at times it would not start up right away.  When we pulled into Marathon I asked around and found Marathon Diesel and they have a real good reputation in the area so they came out to do a compression test on both engines and then we tested the injectors.  Yep, good guess!.......the starboard engine failed big time.  Since we will be going north in the not too long future we felt it would be best to address the situation now.  Hence, the following story unfolds...........

First we left the mooring and headed over to Burdines, who were kind to let us dock in the back, right next to Marathon Diesel.

The engine had to come out.........maybe these guys aren't Super Man but they sure had a lunker by the tail and over a two hour period they were able to disassemble the engine and get it off Nati.

The men of Marathon Diesel

Once we were able to get it off the boat things were a little easier......forklift to the rescue!
Bad engine!!

This is what the engine room looks like without an engine........rather empty I'd say.

Oh yea, and old Chinese proverb says that when you dock in shallow water for the day, make sure the moon in not full or else one should plan on staying put until high tide.  Your right again!  By the time the engine came out we were on the bottom with the starboard hull.  Time to go have a beer!

How come we are not level??

So before sunset the tide came up and we limped back to the mooring ball on one engine.  We really didn't have a choice since that is  all we had!  

As a side wallet went missing so if you find a blue wallet floating by your boat please deliver it to us as found.  Keep the money, just give me back my ABC Liquor card!

Then to continue the saga; the next morning Luis calls and tells us that the block will need some special attention and it can only be done in Miami.  He will send it up UPS but the process will take a least a week so the only alternative is....right we go to Miami in a rental car the next morning at 5am to deliver the block and head.  It is very dark and quiet in Boot Key harbor at 4:30am!

We just made it back to Budget Rent-a-car before they charged us another day.  Chalk up another 280 miles of driving for us!  Lets not forget the 6 mile round trip walk to get the darn car!

Next day.....time to clean up.  But first, new belts for the port engine as they were starting to make noise.  Another first for us......Diesel maintenance 101.

good thing I fit in!

Have to make this place sparkle!

Stay tune for the install.  With luck we will be back to two engines by Tuesday or Wednesday.  Who said this is a vacation for us??!!  Looks like another crazy day in the KEYS!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but at least you are in a comfortable place and it's getting taken care of before the long trek north. Are you passing the time by entering the dinghy races? :)