Saturday, July 26, 2014

Still in Annapolis but just kind of…….

I suppose we are still in the Chesapeake since that is where Nati is staying for the summer.  We on the other hand have been on the go.  The "hamster-mobile" now has 3,000 miles on it and as far as we are concerned…….."don't buy a Yaris"!  Yes it runs…….you can't hear the radio while going down the road and it still only gets 33 miles/gal.  It is good but for a car the size of peanut I would expect 45MPG!

We have been back and forth to upstate NY for a second time and that included a shortened trip to Binnacle Island.  Bob, Steph and T had it for the week and a bunch of their friends showed up so they got a good diversity for the week.  Also the weather was mostly good but still Teagan was the bravest one to hang out in the water.  One day she even took the tube to "China".

Tubing in a different way

Getting ready to jump in

Heading to China

swimming around Grey Feather

T caught as many fish as anyone this year

New lights on the ferry

The "Chief" also made it across for a few days and now he knows to pay more attention to coming into the islands from 40 acres.  Going upwind in 20kts on s/v Grey Feather is more than he needs to do again.  But once on dry land the s-mores, made by Teagan were especially good!

Teagan's desert

Back in Maryland……and more projects are on tap for Nati.

  • New hatch vents for the "V-berth".  Installed and no cracking during the drilling.
  • New TV that works on more than one channel.
  • New Sitex chart plotter and AIS installed.
  • Anne has the interior sparkling once again.  It is amazing how much dirt you can collect.

Today is a lay-day.  No work and just some computer tying and reading.  It feels good not having an agenda ………it is Saturday anyways!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Just hanging around like we are on vacation or something!

There are folks who figure us cruisers are on vacation 365 days a year and just hang out and do nothing.  There may be a time when that will be nice but that can wait for now.  Just too much to do these days:

  • We have driven our "hamster mobile" 1,500 miles already and visited Rochester (Honeoye Falls), Syracuse and Clayton, NY.
  • We have the repaired alternator ready to be re-installed.
  • Anne has the starboard hull cleaned and polished.
  • New latches have been installed on the front lockers and the one in the cockpit.
  • Our new hard drive is up and running….thanks Bobo.
  • Evan has his new "super swing" up and working.
……….and a ton of other little items are already addressed.  The work list is long but we tackle one thing every day.  So much for vacation!

Where is that UPS truck again?