Monday, January 28, 2013

Our climb to the monument

On Stocking Island there is a tower that used to be used to guide people up and down the Exuma Sound.  There are other towers all the way up the Exuma Island chain but this one is right above Nati and there are cool trails to make the trip up easy......well maybe.

On go the good hiking shoes and up we go.........we make it almost all the way and then the trail ends, or maybe we just didn't see the turn.  Through the brush and trees we go.  It wasn't easy but we finally make it.  The view was worth it.

our destination

On the trail going up

We should have used this trail!

Nati in the foreground

We made it!
Looking south

The plants have to work very hard here

On the way down

Back to the beach and yes we are swinging!

Meeting the people of the Bahamas

So now I have had my haircut in Georgetown, been to the markets & pubs, had the air card setup at J&K Productions by Julius but wait........."Rescue Randy" need a PVC "t" for his plumbing and I was going into town for I will pick it up for him at "Tops - to - Bottom", the local hardware store.

Nope, it doesn't exist but I did find the silicone grease I was looking for.  While in the store the owner mentioned that I should be able to find a "t" at the lumber yard and it was only 2 miles down the road.  Too far for a walk but she said just to stick out the thumb and you will get a ride in no time.....

So, what the heck??!!  Two minutes later I was going down the road with Ralph.  He is now down to a couple of days until he retires as the airport manager so he wasn't in a hurry.

First he says "lets check out the NAPA store to see if they have it and besides it's on the way".  No "t" there so off we go to the lumber "t" there but the salesman tells Ralph that maybe the Irrigation and Water store may have one.  I tell Ralph that it isn't a big deal but he says "get problem".

So........again we are driving down the road another 1/2 mile and to the store.  YES!  They have it and it is only $1.25.  I pay up and tell Ralph thanks..........but nope......he insists that he will now drive me all the way back to the dinghy dock.

We talk fishing and eating fish.  He tells me that he and his wife are going on a cruise when he retires and he tells me he has been to Toronto and NYC.  Maybe someday he will see snow but I tell him not to's much nicer here.  He says that there are days when they take for granted what they have in their own backyard.  How do you go on vacations when you live here??.......Syracuse I can understand why we want to get away, but here??!!

We really love meeting the people here!  The water is beautiful, the beaches are super but the people........nothing can beat them!
The folks of "Big D's"  Tony, Judas and Sherelle

So this is Georgetown, Bahamas

Now that we have been in the area for a few days we are getting a feel of who and what this place is all about.  The settlement isn't very big but there are two grocery stores (yes, the prices are pretty expensive compared to what we are used to), a barber, a couple of liquor stores and a number of small eating establishments and tourist retail locations.  Nothing is too fancy nearby but doable with no problem.  Julius and Krystal have the local Internet establishment and this is where I'm typing right now.
J&K Productions
The type of boats that are in the anchorage are as varied as it can get.  No one boat is perfect for the masses and we thought you would get a kick out of seeing what are in the many anchorages.  There are many locations to anchor, it just depends on wind conditions and what you want to do for any given time.

where are the sails?

small boats too!

big center cockpits

stink pots

so how did this thing get here?
Speaking of barbers............the other day while dropping off the trash I noticed that the local barber had no line so I figured.........why not..???

Well...............Mom you should like this cut!
sure hope it grows back!
I told him to shorten it and taper the back.  After the first pass with the trimmer I knew I was doomed. sure dries fast after a swim....

Friday, January 18, 2013

Stocking Island


N 23.30.3
W 75.46.0

Actually we are just off Hamburger Beach.  "Big D's" is on the shore and we will make it over to visit sometime this weekend.  Nati likes the holding and the view.  We aren't sure how many boats are in the many anchorages but it's in the 100's.

Overlooking the bay

sunrise this morning

Nati looking pretty good

We will try to keep everyone in the loop as to how long we will be here.  Cross all fingers that we can get the MIFI to work.....Bob, we may need you down here!!

Georgetown, Exumas

At the moment we are hanging in the Georgetown area enjoying the facilities within the settlement on Great Exuma Island.  A few pictures of the area.....

The commercial port in town

On the way to town from the commercial docks

Grandstand for the Family Regatta

Government building

Recess for the kids in the park

We are trying to get the MIFI to work on Nati but haven't figured it out yet.  Right now we are "Eddy's Waterfront Cafe" having lunch and getting free WIFI.  The Ipad is working on board but the updates on the blog doesn't happen.......

Today we went to the Island meat market for a few things..........didn't have a car to make the 3 mile trip but a few of us (OK, 18 of us in a pickup truck) went for a little ride...

The Meat Market

Transportation for 18 of us

We didn't have seatbelts or helmets......on NO!

Departing Black Point, south to Georgetown

The laundry can more trips to shore, we are heading south again!

The forecast was for winds to be east or a little further to the north so we pulled anchor and headed south.  The sail down the bank was a lot of fun and we made it to Galliot Cut in 90 minutes.  From there we had to go out the cut and it just after high tide and the outgoing current wasn't too bad and no standing waves.

Galliot Cut
We had a tight beat down the Exuma Sound and along the way we met up with our friends on Escapaid.  It just so happens that we passed them at the time they landed a beautiful Mahi.....44 inches long!  Stand by for the picture of it.........I have it but can't find it yet!

sv Escapaid

We ended up sailing most of the time but we should have gone out another 1/2 miles further and we did have the motor on to stay away from the angry shore.  At 4pm we entered Elizabeth Harbor and made it to our first anchorage in Georgetown......the Mecca for many cruisers.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

How is this sunset?

Black Point anchorage

Staniel Cay to Black Point

After we left Warderick Wells we wanted to see Staniel Cay along with making our way south.  The Staniel Cay Yacht Club is cool and we had some great lunches at "Taste and Sea".  Love the fish and burgers there.

Yes, can you see the shark?

little bungalows at the Yacht Club

Yacht Club sidewalks

Cathy.....want a job in the Bahamas?
Now......are you ready for the swimming pigs????

While we stayed at the anchorage at Big Major Spot (our location to visit Staniel Cay) we had a perfect view of the pigs and the goings on with all the others in the "Zoo".  There were also goats, roosters and one seagull!   What a laugh....when a boat even comes close to the beach, the pigs come a running.......all they need now is some rosemary and it would
 be time to chow down!

Onion is an option!

Note the ray picking up the scraps

Marty....Recognize any of these guys that you took to town???


Staniel Cay is renowned for the sailors and Tida Wave is one of the boats that have won many races over the years.  Lady Muriel is one of the others.

cool Bahamian Sloop

Tida the name!

Some other sights........depending on your interests....Bob, the kite boarding appears to be everywhere......we see boats just waiting for the big wind to come in.

And this is the Bahamian Bananaquit.....

Our last night in Big Major Spot saw us attending a Pirate Beach Happy Hour.  Just about the entire anchorage attended and it was a lot of fun.  Everyone brought a dish, your own cocktail and the campfire was perfect.  We met a lot of new friends and will look forward to another beach party down the road.

All ages in attendance

No lies were told at this party!

Don't lose the dinghy!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Some more updates..........

Because we have had so little good Internet service I am a little out of order but it really doesn't matter much.  Each location has it's own beauty and we will try to be better in the future.

From Allans Cay.....

Yep, this is one of the iguanas on the Cay

guess what?  Not too bad, huh?
Shroud Cay......

We anchored in two locations going south and really enjoyed both locations.  Also, we put Dingh-go through his paces and up a tidal creek we went.  

A look to the west from Camp Driftwood

Anyone recognize this guy?

Tidal Creek

Very nice!