Monday, July 15, 2013

We are working away ......

The cockpit has some new wax on it.  The new galley faucet is in and looks great and I have been up the mast to inspect all the rigging and to pull off the old spreader-end covers.   LED bulbs are in the whole main cabin. The list is beginning to get smaller and not bigger.  We even have a screen ordered for the cabin sliding door.  Cross your fingers that it fits when delivered!  The Shurflo smart sensor pump has replaced the ailing port water pump and we expect to see an end to the recycling every few hours.  Even the freezer is sporting some new efficient insulation.

Nice bright lights!

New vs the old bulb

Looking towards the pool and parking

Work shops 

What color is the water here?

The pool at Fairview has been great for Evan.  Now he is jumping in 50 times a day, making us tired but for some reason, not him!  Last Saturday he started swimming (kind of anyway) using two noodles.......he is getting braver by the day!!

Where are the Olympics in 2016?........we may get him there!!

Had our first White Perch the other day.  Bon Bini caught too many so once again........begging does better than fishing for Nati!

White Perch dinner!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life & times at the marina.....and beyond!

So far we have ordered all sorts of "stuff" for Nati and it is slowly arriving by mail.  Our many projects are ongoing.  Amy & Evan have been on Nati a number of nights and its nice to have a pool and picnic area right here at the marina where we are docked.  Nati is nice and secure and we just have to try to keep the bottom somewhat clean as the Chesapeake is not a pretty place for bottom paint.

View from Nati in the evening

picnic time at the marina

Last weekend we sailed over to Rock Hall.  Had a great time and we made it to the locally owned ice cream stand so E-man could get his "treat".  Of course we had to force a cone down also.

Free dinghy dock for us today!

Evan size door handle

Bad docking

Evan is now jumping in and going under water.  In the Bahamas he got used to the salt water and beach and in less than a few months he is going right under.  If only we could figure out how do download a video now.......

Yep, he is a kicking machine!