Monday, January 28, 2013

So this is Georgetown, Bahamas

Now that we have been in the area for a few days we are getting a feel of who and what this place is all about.  The settlement isn't very big but there are two grocery stores (yes, the prices are pretty expensive compared to what we are used to), a barber, a couple of liquor stores and a number of small eating establishments and tourist retail locations.  Nothing is too fancy nearby but doable with no problem.  Julius and Krystal have the local Internet establishment and this is where I'm typing right now.
J&K Productions
The type of boats that are in the anchorage are as varied as it can get.  No one boat is perfect for the masses and we thought you would get a kick out of seeing what are in the many anchorages.  There are many locations to anchor, it just depends on wind conditions and what you want to do for any given time.

where are the sails?

small boats too!

big center cockpits

stink pots

so how did this thing get here?
Speaking of barbers............the other day while dropping off the trash I noticed that the local barber had no line so I figured.........why not..???

Well...............Mom you should like this cut!
sure hope it grows back!
I told him to shorten it and taper the back.  After the first pass with the trimmer I knew I was doomed. sure dries fast after a swim....


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  2. Stink Pots???? Coming from a guy with TWO smokin' diesels...