Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reedville, VA

Our direction finder at it's best!

NOAA FORECAST:  "Today SE winds 10-15 and then going NE late in the afternoon."

OK, so we'll leave at the crack of dawn and will be in Deltaville by 1pm.  No problem.....  Yea, no problem.

The winds stayed due north at 8-10 its all day long and to top it off we had rain for the whole day.  So, why not just keep motoring all day long and make some real distance.  That is what we did and after 11 hours of going north we set a new record for one day with Nati (75 miles) and drop the anchor in Reedville.

We liked the town and the holding for anchoring is great.  Last century, Reedville was a very active fishing port for a keystone fish in the Chesapeake, menhaden.  They are also known as pogies, bugmouths or alewife.  They keep the Bay clean  (or try to) by filtering the water for microorganisms as it feeds and are a food source for striped bass and haddock.  At one time there were 12 factories set up on creek.  Now there is only one.  For us personally that is just fine because if you are downwind of the only factory, you won't like it at all!

One smelly factory!

Where once a factory stood

Crazy Crab......umm good!

We stayed 2 nights so we could have dinner at Crazy Crabs.  It has great food and has a class of it's own

Some more shots of the town......

From another time long past

Once a fishing captains home

One tough boat!

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