Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

We know it's been a few weeks since the last update but it has been busy with a lot of different things going on and also since New Brunswick there has been very little new news......We are heading south to get warm.  That is the most important thing I can think of right now.

We did do a road trek north for Thanksgiving.  Hanging out in Honeoye Falls was a lot of fun and did I mention the food??!!  Plenty was had and including baked turkey, deep fried turkey and even deep fried bacon!  The other dishes were just as delicious also.  T&E got a few days to hang out and we even had some snow so they could build a snowman.

Ready to chow down

Everyone is comfy

Teagan's blanket she made

This is really trouble.....

The "gang"

Kids will be kids!

After our 2,500 mile drive we took a reasonable weather window and headed towards St Augustine.  It is very sad to see the remnants of Hurricane Mathew.  Many boats sunk, marinas and docks destroyed and lots of blue tarps on roofs.  The damage is nothing compared to places like Haiti but it is still a burden for everyone, no matter where you live.

Fernandina Beach war

The anchorage

Debris in the water

And on land!

So after seeing Bo & Trish at 1st Mate Marine (our engine installer friends) we continued down the ICW to Melbourne.  I then took a run over to Largo to see my parents and Anne got a chance to hang with her sister Jean for a couple of days.  The week flew by and now we are continuing our southern  trek.

A picture of a huge flock of white pelicans!

We hope everyone does take a moment this weekend to relax and take a deep breath.  Enjoy the days this holiday gives you and think kind words for the rest of mankind.  2017 should prove to be a very interesting year.

 Anne & I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!