Sunday, November 20, 2016

Being cold with a cold!!!

Sometimes I have to feel sorry for Anne with her having to put up with me when I have a cold.  I admit, I am absolutely horrible when I don't feel good!  So here it is freezing outside and mostly inside Nati, the candles are burning, the sterno pots are running and now the day we head out of Annapolis I'm sick with a cold.  So down the Bay we go, me grumbling, sneezing and coughing.....ah, the joys of "living the dream".

So now we have departed good 'ole Naptown for new digs.  But first we did stay long enough to see Eastport get their butt kicked in the annual tug-of-war contest.  One would expect the "Martine Republic" to be running at full power with their morning Bloody Mary's and Mimosas keeping them warm......but no.......they sometimes had a hard time filling the slots of participants.  It still was fun though.
on your mark.....

pull you guys!

Good music for all....

This team didn't fare too well.

We also had a birds-eye view of the "lets follow the leader in Halloween costumes up and down Spa Creek one afternoon.  We don't have a clue as to why (we asked and they didn't know) but it made for quite a site.......even family "people-pets"!!

Yes, that is an English Bulldog

Room at the mark!

So it was out on Wednesday morning, November 9th, E-man's birthday and we pulled up the anchor and headed south.  The trip south was uneventful but very fast and tiring.  We pulled into Brunswick, Ga. on Friday (the 18th) and managed to make southing of 666nm on the way.  We stayed (plugged in to heat) at Coinjock for a night when we had frost and 28 degrees on board and two nights in Oriental to see Pat at the Provision Company and get our new seat for Dingh-go.  Otherwise it was up before sunrise and at times sailing past sunset.  We had "Supermoon" while motoring down the Alligator-Pungo canal.  It sure helped keeping between the lines while coming out of the canal to anchor!

Yep, another nuke sub finds us

Hospital Point usually dozens of boats are anchored here

A happy camper by the look of it!

That be frost on Nati

More frost.....slippery too!

Where is our defroster when we need it?

This is not sand...real frost / ice on deck!

"our" Supermoon rising

Helping us motor south

Almost to the end of the canal

After Oriental we motored down Adams Creek and jumped offshore at Beaufort, NC for a run all the way to Brunswick, GA.  The 3 day offshore trip was a lot about staying warm and not being dejected by the lack of wind.  We knew a strong low front was coming on Saturday so we had to burn diesel to make it down but that's life.....  It still felt good to be finally in the ocean again.  Dolphins, turtles and birds again......NICE!!  Now we are where we are supposed to be and have the heater running.  Almost to Florida.....


  1. Hand in hand down the beach�� Stay warm my friends


  3. Love Anne's new style bathing suit. Lokks like she's having fun in the sun.