Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve ….. update!

We made it over to Tom & Jean's for a good dinner at a local "crazy" pizza joint.  We believe…..no we know the staff had been nipping in the back room all afternoon…….but  the food was good and we had a lot of laughs.  We thought it was really funny when the waitress showed Jean the pictures of her lovely??!!  pit bull.  She said he (the dog) snuggled better than most men and mentioned he really liked putting his paws around her……and I followed up with.. "as he opened his mouth to wrap the jaws around her neck"!!       Florida girls, they are "out there"!!

After dinner we went through the Wickham Park parade of lights.  OK,  it was pretty cool but a parade is supposed to move.  So why didn't we?  Very slow………  I guess we did move since we are back at Nati but it was funny and we all believe Tom was the only person that accelerated into the non existent passing lane in the park………we just couldn't take it any longer!!

pulling out of the lights on the lake!


Merry Christmas!

We are back from the "Great White North" and no longer have to put on "real shoes" and fleece jackets to go anywhere.  It is a good thing someone likes snow because we have seen all the snow we need to see for a very long time.

During our trip north we were able to see Teagan & Evan.  They both are growing up so fast and it will be soon that they will be driving Nati and we will be able to sit back and just do nothing!  Hah…..can't wait for that day!!

Irish dancing moves
The future engineer in the design stage!

Dinner with his pal, Bradley

Impossible, they are quiet!

We have been able to put together a few Christmas decorations for this year.  The lights have their own solar panel and work on a timer……….

Christmas on Nati

If all goes well we head out of Melbourne tomorrow for our own Christmas Day on the water.  We are 90% provisioned for the Bahamas so it is time to continue our trek south. Then we get ready to cross over to the Magic water…….can't wait.

Merry Christmas to all and lets make 2014 a very good year !!!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

That is ….Happy Thanksgiving - Melbourne & Intercoastal Pools style!!

Anne and I have heard about what Tom & Jean pull off every year for Thanksgiving but this is the first time that we helped out and yes……it is really something to see…..

working away in the "galley"

This year we ended up frying 18 whole turkeys for many of the employees of Tom's company, Intercoastal Pools.  Jean & Tom have been doing this for years as a little "thank you" for the folks and it started really early this time.

A good turkey is a fried turkey!

This one is ready!

Tom got the oil for the two fryers going about 6am.  We pulled in about 8:30am and he already had the first two turkeys going.  Over the rest of the day we did 18 turkeys!  It was quite a sight as at one time we had ten ready to go on the kitchen counter.  The folks came in waves; stopping for a beer and snack along with chatting with their friends/fellow employees.  It is quite a sight and we think they really appreciate the act of giving by both Jean & Tom.

Before & after

Only a few more to go!

By 3:30pm we had a wrap…….a new record has now been set and we all were ready to sit down and have a "cold one"…..