Thursday, January 10, 2013

Warderick Wells

This vessel has seen better days

We are loving the Bahamas!  Hope you enjoy these pix!  This is shot looking out towards Nati when we were at Warderick Wells.  The remnants of a boat that didn't make it through a storm.

The Exumas Park Headquarters is on Warderick Wells.  It is just beautiful in every aspect. Here we decided to take a hike to put Nati's name on the Island.  So....up "Boo Boo Hill" we go......

View from Boo Boo Hill looking north

Pull up the pants!

Our sign before Anne worked on it

After we did some work with the Dremel and some paint we went up the hill and placed it along with hundreds of other boat signs.  It is the only place in the park that anything can be left from the cruisers.    The park is a "what you bring take out" and NO trash disposal is allowed.
Nati's place in the Bahamas

The north mooring field

We have finally made it!

View to the west from Boo Boo Hill

Later in the day we decided to have a Happy Hour with our friends on Windward.  To make it different we decided to watch the sunset on a raft secured to a mooring ball.......Good friends, good cocktails and a lot of laughs!

The next day we took a dinghy ride over to the south mooring field to check it out.  We will remember this spot as it would be a good hiding place for a front coming through.  The moorings are big and the protection is 1st class.

White enough sand for you?

All I need is a pillow!

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