Monday, September 21, 2015

And now..........almost time to get wet again!!

This morning we are getting packed and into the rental car to finish up our trip north to see Teagan & family.  We had a great time and just give"T" one more hug and kiss as she caught the bus to school.  We can't believe she is already in 1st grade......time goes too fast.  Also, BS&T are proud owners of a new boat for next year!  Yes, Teagan has already named it!!!!!!!

The O'Connor family with SHARKTOOTH WEDGIE!

"T" and friends at the parade

But we will be back at Worton Creek tonight and we'll prepare Nati for the last few days on the "hard".  As we predicted we have been working (almost nonstop) on her for 6 + weeks and we have been able to do a whole list of projects.  Most were on our list but we even had a few items come up that are now behind us.  I won't get into them on this post and will save them for the wrap-up on the next post.  All we know is that we are really ready to get into the water and begin our fall trek.

Besides all the work on Nati we have also been able to spend time with Amy & Evan.  He is getting bigger by the hour and is now off to Pre-K 1.  We expect him to be running for class president at any time!
"E" is off to school

Next was a good few days at Binnacle Island with Bob, Steph and Teagan.  We didn't have the crowds like we have had in the past but we had a great time.  The food was great, the weather behaved and swimming was part of each day.  It also gave us a chance to see Tom, Sue and Erika on s/v Ambassador, Larry & Carol on s/v Coral Wave and the Chief and "Jackson" showed up with food and drink.

As mentioned above, we have been really working on Nati.......

Both on the inside and out.....we can't wait to get out of the "sand pit" in order to get her vacuumed out one more time.  Just wait until we finish her off.....she will look great!!  In the meantime here are a few pictures of what we have been up to.

Injectors rebuilt

New anchor gypsy

rebuilt alternator

repair escape hatch

Nati soda blasted bottom

Anne's workout tools

The hull is shining

Dick painting in "dick crick:

"only a few more coast of paint!"

The Internet and phone coverage on the east shore of the Chesapeake is horrible.  That's one reason for the delay in posting but the real issue is that from morning till the whistle blows we are flat out working away.  It will be fun when we can take more that one day off......

Friday, September 4, 2015

NO…..we have not disappeared!

We know we haven't been keeping weekly updates but haul out has us working all day long and at the night we only have Internet near the marina office and the bugs will carry you away.  So………so sorry!

Right now we are wrapping up bottom painting and many other projects.  Perhaps this weekend some time can be allocated to doing an update but in the meantime …….back to work!

s/v Nati