Thursday, February 28, 2013

Onward....To Conception Island

We have been in Georgetown too long.  The Cruiser's Regatta is coming soon and that means a lot of crazy things going on in the harbor and on land.  We aren't into competing in volleyball or dinghy races, etc. so lets go!

The weather was good, the sky blue so off we went to Conception Island via the north tip of Long Island.  We made good time and caught most of the boats that went out in front of us.  How come we never get out first??

The point that represents the top of Long Island is Cape Santa Maria, named for one of Columbus's boats.  After going by that it was open ocean to Conception Island.  We pulled into the west anchorage in the middle of the afternoon and spent 3 great nights there.  The island is one of the Bahamian Land Park Islands so there is nothing there but birds, turtles and fish.  The water is pristine and the land mass is rugged limestone with a lot of mangroves.  We saw 4 ospreys and a bunch of Tropic Birds.  While going up the tidal creek we saw many green turtles as they sprinted away from us.


Going up the tidal creek

How is this sunset?

One night all the boats there had a happy hour on the beach so we met many new friends and renewed acquaintances with others.

Pictures can tell the story of Conception Island.  (I'm trying a few now since we have marginal Internet and more to follow)

north shore

Looking east

Friday, February 22, 2013

Jammin' at Big D's

A couple of nights ago Tony had one of the last jam sessions of the winter and a few of us decided to go over.......OK, maybe a lot more than a few and fun was had by all.

The music was good, the rum tasted pretty good and we heard the ribs were good too.  Our plan was to have some ribs but the line went out the door and since Escapaid kept us occupied too long on their boat we elected to stand in line 4-ever!

Good job Tony, Tony and Tony.......

Tony with dinner

Not a bad night at all!!

The gang is having fun

Capt Jack (Tony) and Germain cooking

Look who is in town!

More friends pulled into Georgetown via Taxi #9, Rudy........Yep, Marty & Kathy from PA.  They decided to try out the cruising life as an alternative to snow, sleet and ice.  Think they look a little happy to be here?

Since we had a week with these guys and the next front was going to come in later in the week we decided to get right out of town and head north for a few days.  So up anchor the next day and we headed towards Rat Cay Cut which is 20 miles north of Georgetown.  The sail was not the greatest but we made it up to Rat Cay and found a perfect anchorage just to the north.  The water was perfect for snorkeling and we all took part.

And imagine that.........a pretty nice sunset......

After two nights it was time to head back to find some protection from the north winds that were coming.  The sail was perfect this time.  12-14kts, on the beam with flat water.  Time to go fishing!

Kathy needs to learn to relax!

Rat Cay Cut

Which way do we go Marty??
Who is driving Nati??  Kathy, of course!

Yep, Dick is now a "catcher man" and not just a fisherman!  The fish is a Little Tunney, not the best eating but it is a start!!

After the front passed we once again made our way over to Big D's anchorage so Marty & Kathy could partake in the fun over there.  We had some good food, they got a chance to try out Juda's famous "conch salad" and had a rum punch.

time for a picnic?

At Big D's

Thanks for coming you guys!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anne is coming home!

Hooray, she is getting on the plane in Hotlanta right now. If all as planned it be an early dinner at Big D's, which will include Bahamian Mac & Cheese along with ribs!  Appropriate for a homecoming I'd say.

Time to get back to "normal" again.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Georgetown update....

Yep, we are still in Georgetown.  Well..........actually Nati and Dick are there and Anne has taken a jet north to do some time in lovely Syracuse.  I'm pretty certain she will be looking forward to seeing the sun again but it won't happen till she comes back.

Kismet at sunset
Meanwhile, look who shows up.....Yes, the Chief has come in for a few days.  It was too windy to go far but we got to check out Stocking Island, a few burger, and yes lobster!

We had a good time watching the Super Bowl at Big D's also....

This fed the both of us!
The Chief

The crew is taking a windy hike