Monday, September 1, 2014

Let's Play………..see if Nati can fit them all!

Its very strange but it seems like summer is almost behind us and it is only another 2 days before Nati comes out of the water for her annual PMI.  All the tools for the haul out are in the "garage", (also known as the trunk of the rental car).  All we have to do is work our faces off for 10 days and she will look like new.  Before that work we did have a "party" weekend on Nati.

Bob, Steph and Teagan came down to Pleasure Cove for the Labor Day weekend and we had a good ole time with them and Amy & Evan.  The two cousins got a chance to play together for a weekend and it's amazing how good they are with each other.  It is definitely one of the highlights of the summer…..just sitting and watching them play together.

"T" and the moose

The two "fish"

Nice glasses E

Another shot of a bathing beauty!

"Evan, wake up….time for dinner"

The gang

Another leap for mankind!

Since it was since and warm all weekend there was plenty of "pool" time to be had.  Amy reported that Evan didn't even make it out of the marina grounds before he was sleeping yesterday and Teagan made it to York, PA.  Two tired out kids for sure!

As a comparison of one year……check out these tow pictures.