Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rrrrrrrrrrr……once a pirate, always a pirate!

This past weekend was Nati's first movement of any consequence for a long time and the props needed to be cleaned off to make it across the Bay.  But…….we had to be at the "Pirates & Wench's Weekend" at Rock Hall, as our resident pirate needs to stay in contact with his good pirate friends.

Pirate Evan & Grannie

Our Navigator

The bounce house was very popular

A pirate from the past

Anchoring in Swan Creek has always been good and we had no nettles again this year so swimming off the back of Nati was fun.  The weather cooperated and we almost decided not to come back but we did still manage a good long weekend.  Evan is now swimming with his face in the water and loves jumping off the back of Nati.  He is going to be a natural "Tarzan"!

We too got a good view of "Super Moon".  What do you think?


Also, Nati is mostly back together again after Anne painted the entire interior of the boat.  It was hard, stinky and messy but now we are sparkling on the inside.  Next month we do the same to the exterior.

The moose rules here!