Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Teagan/Evan suite on board Nati

Amy brought over a few items for the "v-berth" suite in the starboard hull over the weekend's sleep over in Spa Creek.  We think we are slowly getting it set up for the little guys.
Nia & Zach seem to be enjoying the comforts of Nati.....they live on an St Francis 44 in the marina and their Dad came over to say hi.

Evan's first date!

A few more shots of Rock Hall

Sunday afternoon was fun in Rock Hall Harbor.  Saw the perfect boat for Bobo........

Have to love those colors!
Anne got to ride in a "real" aircraft from the pirate era.  Check out the "kills" show on the side of the fuselage.

Can you just imagine the carnage this weapon has created throughout the Chesapeake Bay??!!

Can you say Rrrrrrrrrr?

We even saw a few normal things...

These storage sheds were used by driving a boat up onto a rail system and then pulled to their respective shed.  Note how the tracks are layer out and the way the boats would be pulled from the water, into the yard and then pulled sideways to line up with their shed.  Pretty inventive.

Even some nice scenery....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pirate and wench's weekend in Rock Hall

After a quiet night in Mill Creek we decided to head over to Rock Hall to see what it was like during this annual festival.  They sure take it seriously as we saw many "modern" pirates all through the town and they were even "crowning" the best pirate and wench as we walked around.

Did pirates really drink Bud?

Cast your vote!

There was a pirate ship at the dock.  We didn't get much chance to see more on Saturday night as a good size t-storm came through and we hightailed it back to Nati.  Maybe we'll get to see someone walk the "plank" Sunday afternoon......

Stay thirsty my friends!

I'm working on my mother getting a tattoo on her arm that says "son".  In the meantime some of Amy's happy hour crew have done some homework and found our set of new coasters........

If you do drink beer........
Great job you guys!!  Many thanks to you all!!!!!!

Happenings in and around Nap'town

Now that we have been able to spend a whole week in town we have been doing a few things with Dingh-go.  Wednesday is "beer can" night on the Bay and the other night saw some good racing.  No t-storms in the forecast and light winds.........and plenty of boats.  A nice sight!

On the way back to Nati we spied some very unusual boats across the way.  The Chesapeake working boats;   The Log Buyboats.

Log Buyboats were built in the early 1900's and used to haul freight such as watermelon and even pigs.  The vessels were adaptable and had may uses.  Log built deck boats were low to the water which made them stable for dredging and off-loading produce.  The one boat, F.D. Crockett was an active work boat until 1994, about the downturn of the fishing industry and converted in to a pleasure craft.

The boats were all docked at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum and were cruising around the Bay on a cruise.

The next day we had a little surprise at the dock.......An old friend from Sato days at the Nationals in Ft Walton Beach!  What a small world it is!!

Larry Geller and his mate, Christine were chartering a Moorings cat for a few days and they were right beside us at the dock.  Now, we haven't seen Larry for over 10 years and it seemed like yesterday.  They were heading for a wedding and just stopped to check out the boat as they were in the market for a new boat soon.
Cheers to the "Dock of the Bay!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Camping is camping!

We promise.........we are going to go sailing again!  Promise!!

In the meantime another run up I81 was made for the weekend and I got a chance to drive over to Hamlin Beach State Park to work on race committee for Fleet 295's regatta.  Anne stayed in Sewercuse for the term.

The Hobie sailors had some great wind to sail with on Saturday and Bob & Steph let everyone know that they haven't lost the touch.  Tom K did well also.  Overall Fleet 204 grabbed most of the medals,

For racing I got to see plenty of pitch-pulls and normal Hobie racing stuff.  Ed and AJ practiced parking at (more like on top of it) the gate for a few minutes and it gave everyone on the committee boat a good chuckle.

And our little pup tent kept me dry for the one night........not great but I survived another regatta with our Hobie friends and family!

Some of the motley crew!