Monday, March 14, 2016

Yes.............."Dumb Luck Charters" is open for business!

We are still in Marathon.......just to clear up any questions as to what is going on.  We have been taking care of a bunch of things and then we decided it was time for a change and before we could blink an eye our first, inaugural guest have arrived!  Yes there are suckers born every day!

Finally, a sunset!

Last week Jim & Jo arrived in the Keys for a week of sun & fun.  In spite of having to change our original plans 180 degrees because of the high winds blowing for a good portion of the week we still pulled off some very good times.  So just what did Anne & I give our guest for a taste of the Keys??

Since sailing will have to wait we decided to head down to Key West via auto and check out the town.  We haven't been there for a long time and the Perks have never been there.  We saw "Petey"of Pete's Meats, a very nice sunset and a good meal at Pepe's.

Pepe's Pub

Jo's new vehicle

Mallory Square at sunset

The gang

How about fishing?  Big game fishing is big down here so we went and found a pole for Jim, purchased the first shrimp either of us has ever bought and went out for two days.  The big ones escaped our expertise but we still had a appetizer for one night and actually had some good fish which ended up to be more than we could eat for dinner the next.  We now know a lot more about mangrove fishing in the Keys.......

Rigged for bear

round one for an app

The Jack was at least 5 feet long!!!!

Jim is fighting our fish to the bitter end!

How about an afternoon in the Turtle Hospital?  Well we did that too and Anne and Jo got a chance to see many injured turtles from Leatherback, Green, Loggerhead and others.

Then it was time for a sail.  We had a good 35nm sail up the Keys to Islamorada and spent a couple of days hanging out up there.  Nice weather and then when it was time to come back south we actually had another good sail.  Captain Jim drove the whole way and he didn't pick up one crab pot.  That in itself required an "expert" to be driving Nati.
Hanging out at the Lore-a-lei

The "doctor" keeping an eye out for pirates

Overall we had a great week......just how "lucky" are you?